Nobesol has connected the biggest photovoltaic plant in the Republic of Bulgaria, a 2 Mwp installation. Located in Botevo (Tundja), it will produce 2.637.821 KWh per year.

The new solar field Botevo 1, was inaugurated on November 12th at a ceremony, in which various important figures were present, such as the Spanish Ambassador, Mr. Jorge Fuentes Monzonís-Vilallonga, the Mayor of Tundja, Giorgi Giorgiev and the governor of Yambol, Tanya Dimitrova. The ceremony received extensive media coverage both at a local and national level.

More than 90 workers, employed both direct and indirectly, participated in the construction of the park, which lasted two months, and in which materials comprising the latest technology were used. A total of 8.652 photovoltaic panels were installed in the project.
Botevo 1 will reduce yearly emissions of CO2 by 1.500 tons, which is equivalent to 1.300 cars driving for 10.000 km.


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