Nobesol Levante obtained the SGS accreditation certificate for the operating procedure: PO 12.3 REGARDING THE RESPONSE OF WIND AND PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATIONS AGAINST VOLTAGE DIPS ACCORDING TO RD 1565/2010 DATED 19 NOVEMBER, in the Olmedilla de Alarcón Plant, which is one of the first high power installations to obtain this certificate. To archive this, the inverters had to be fitted with special devices capable of supporting the voltage dip according to the voltages represented in PO 12.3 on voltages and times. It was also necessary to modify the setup of the substations protection elements to be able to support the dips without tripping, enabling the newly installed equipment to operate instead of being isolated.
This adaptation process commenced in December 2010 after the RD was published and Nobesol has been working together with manufacturers and certifying companies in order to obtain the abovementioned certification.
The term completed on 31 December 2012 and Nobesol obtained the certification with seven months margin avoiding the feared suppression of entitlement to the premium, which would be ruinous for many photovoltaic generator firms.


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